11 Steps For Retailers To Apply To Accept SNAP EBT Benefits

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In order to be able to accept SNAP purchases and increase revenues, retailers must obtain a permit from the USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS). In 2022, Pay Now Direct created The 11 Essential Steps Guide for retailers to help them fill out their online application to the USDA/FNS. If you get stuck, send us an email to cs@paynowdirect.com and we do our best to help. Also, learn about our new software plugin, for merchants that want to speed up the time for USDA/FNS approval to sell online with EBT.

  1. Go to  https://www.eauth.usda.gov/eauth/b/usda/registration

             And, register as a customer, then hit continue

  1. Enter your email address and hit submit
  1. Create a password for your account, then go to your email inbox and verify
  1. Check your email, confirm by clicking “continue registration”
  1. Log back into your account with your email and password
  1. Start your application
  1. Select application type – either store or farmer’s market
  1. Click “submit” on the “Before You Begin page”
  1. Accept “Knowledge Agreement” and then begin filling our your application (30 questions)
  1. After completing the application, hit submit

The USDA says you can call them at 877-823-4369 with any questions, but we have found this number to have confusing message. Feel free to email cs@paynowdirect.com or call 415-727-8020 with questions

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